March 10, 2015


Still sick.  It's actually not that bad during the day.  I have a cough and I'm more tired than usual.  Nights aren't fun though.  I keep waking up from coughing and on top of that, Bishop keeps waking up coughing so I get woken up twice as much.  On the plus side, he sleeps in which allows me to sleep in but I still don't feel fully rested.  On top of all that I've been drinking a lot of citrus to break up the mucus in my chest which makes my stomach kind of hurt because it gives me reflux.  So all that stuff combined just makes me subtly miserable.  I just need all this to go away.  Bishop doesn't let it get him down.  He's determined to play as much as physically possible for as long as he can.  Toddlers are amazing like that. 

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