March 12, 2015


Bishop has been practicing his kissing a lot.  He's been kissing everything: his stuffies, the cats, the couch... and us of course.  Getting toddler kisses is the cutest!  John started crying when Bishop kissed him on the mouth the other night.  It's always nice to receive affection after putting in so much work.  You don't get a lot of appreciation in the early days of parenting. 

It's so amazing watching him turn into a little person.  He's just so smart and wonderful. 

"Hey chair, come here often?"

I wish I had a more recent picture of him.  I've been kinda slacking in that department.  I used to take at least one every day.  I did take a few short videos a couple days ago. 

I was able to sleep last night.  I'm so glad my cough is over.  I just hope it doesn't come back.... I'm gonna go drink a gallon of orange juice. 

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