March 9, 2015

Sickness. Blah.

We got new doorknobs for the bedrooms.  This means every time Bishop is loose and I hear a door slam, I don't go into full panic mode anymore.  The locks on the doors used to be keyed entry and we didn't have the keys.  We somehow got locked out of the bedroom once and I had to climb through the window to get in.  I was paranoid that Bishop would shut himself in a room and lock it and I'd have to climb through a window to let him out.  But not anymore!  John replaced the knobs with simple locks so all you need is a flat screw driver or coin to open it.  He actually did it a few weeks ago, but I was just thinking about it because Bishop just ran into his room while I was in the kitchen and slammed his door.  I was able to stay calm and finished what I was doing because I knew I could get him out even if he locked it. 

Now he's crying at me through the baby gate.  He can be very dramatic sometimes.  It doesn't last long though.  He's already moved on to something else. 

I have a chest cold.  It's not very fun.  Bishop has it too.  He slept until 11am today.  I mean considering the time change its actually only an hour later than usual.  He kept waking up last night to fuss.  I know how he feels.  I had trouble getting comfortable too. 

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