March 2, 2015


After spending some time cleaning things up around the house, I started realizing that I have an addiction.  When I've got at least fifty CDs from the Lighthouse Catholic Media racks stacked up in a pile, I think it's time to admit that an interest has turned into an obsession.  I was listening to one thins afternoon too.  The problem is that they're mostly really good.  It's not like I have access to a Catholic radio in my car.  I have tried listening to the random generic Christian radio stations, but I really dislike when I hear any Christian group bashing on another group, and I tend to hear that more often than not.  It could very well be the same on a Catholic radio station, but I wouldn't know, because I haven't found one while driving around yet.

I really enjoy the Lighthouse CDs though.  They're mini-lectures most of the time on random theology or spirituality.  What I like best is that I don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to essentially sit in on a seminar or a lecture.  It's just a few dollars and I get to hear a variety of speakers on a variety of topics.  It also helps that they're all theology topics.  Still, I'm looking at the stack of...okay it's actually more than fifty CDs, I'm sure of that-but I refuse to count them and admit that my addiction is indeed obsessive...the point is that if I'm investing so much of my time and money into something like these, they're probably a quality product.  You can take that from me, or you can check it out for yourself.  There's a Lighthouse app for free you can download and they give you several of their CDs for free.

There's my sales pitch for the day.

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