March 17, 2015

Like Clockwork

I was pretty much preparing to crawl into bed when I realized I hadn't blogged today.  I had thought about blogging this morning, but I didn't think I had time for it.  I also thought I would remember to do it this evening.  I almost had too much faith in myself, but here I am.

The reason for my absentmindedness today is 100% legitimate, however.  My car broke down this afternoon.  This is getting to be ridiculous.  EVERY time I get a car, three months later something happens to it.  At the very least, I've been told it's a relatively cheap fix, so I'm hoping that this turns out to be the case.

Still, I can't help but wonder what the heck is going on with me that every three months of a vehicle, I have some kind of trouble.  I have been meticulously checking and rechecking this car for things to make sure it's all in order, AND there was absolutely no lead up to an issue with this particular instance.  Fate just doesn't want me mobile.

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