March 23, 2015

One Picture

I'm gonna post a bunch of cute pictures today.  Because I can.

Never mind, I'm posting one picture because blogger is literally being the MOST difficult.  I've been trying to add pictures forever and it's so hit and miss.  Mostly miss. 

So yeah.... we had spaghetti last night.  Bishop enjoyed it in the messiest way possible like he always does.  It must be nice to be a toddler and not care whether your dirty or clean.  I mean, I'm sure he would start to care if I never cleaned him.  But I do, so he doesn't care. 

I didn't really think of much to talk about.  I was gonna rely on my pictures to tell a story but they won't work!  Why do you hate me google?  Did I offend you in some way?  I'm sorry!  Just do your job! 

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