March 7, 2015

Spring Time for Disney

Every year, come spring, my sister and I used to get really engrossed in watching a ton of Disney movies.  I don't know what it is about spring that makes us think of Disney.  I've caught myself watching some Disney movies online that recently too.  Just the other day while I was doing other things, I had Hercules playing in the background.  I never really liked that particular movie growing up, but now that I'm older I appreciate it more.

In typical Kris fashion, I tried to analyze why I'm all about Disney around this time of year.  This is the only conclusion I could come to:  most Disney movies are upbeat, about moving forward, and have a clear good vs. evil storyline.  While I have never enjoyed a lot of the extra foolishness which gets thrown into them from time to time (e.g. the stupid extra characters that push comic relief at times when it's not needed and add nothing to the story), I actually really enjoy a good simple story with characters one can relate to.  You get that with Disney movies a lot of times because they're geared towards children.  They're usually only an hour to an hour and a half long, the villains have a clear agenda and abide by rules, and there's typically some manner of structure to the story which keeps it moving, plus Disney is one of the only companies that still do musicals.

This has given me absolutely no answers other than that it turns out I appreciate Disney more than I thought.  I also never thought I'd do a post about Disney, but here we are.  Now I'm going to go outside and enjoy the day because it's gorgeous out.

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