March 18, 2015

A Few Brief Thoughts

I just picked up a new book called "Back to Virtue" and so far it's been a very interesting read.  I'm looking forward to finishing this book before I make a judgment call on it, but it rather supports a couple other ideas I've been considering about the role of virtue and morality/ethics teaching.  A lot of the content is hard for me to agree with because I can see myself falling into some of the problems with this current culture that the author discusses.

I also accidentally came across a discussion between Richard Dawkins and a Catholic Cardinal on YouTube today which was likewise really interesting.  I was a little disappointed with both speakers, but I think it highlighted a major issue with dichotomy in this country.  Not everything is so easily put into terms of black and white, and I think a lot of the issues that were discussed in that interview proved that point.  When you start asking science to answer questions of morality, you are never going to accomplish that.  This is not the point of scientific study.  Likewise if you are asking religion to categorize spiritual matters into scientific terms, it isn't necessarily going to happen.

I wish I would have spent more time really considering these things today so that I had a post of substance, but I got caught up in watching HBO's The Jinx because of what I had heard pertaining to the case and it got me curious.  I enjoy watching things about True Crime, I find it fascinating.  So I'm going to finish this last episode now and then think about these deep things later.

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