March 1, 2017

Lent is like Christmas for blogs!

Well, not all blogs.  Just some.  Probably just for this one specific blog that only 2 people contribute to.  Also last year was a pretty crappy 'blog Christmas' because I had a baby a few weeks in and then pretty much gave up writing.  Newborns are so demanding.  But the good news is, I now have a one year old and have slightly more time to sit down and write things!  So I'm fully committed this year.  If I fail, I have no one to blame but myself. 

So this year for lent I've decided to give up sweets again.  I skipped that one last year because I don't like giving up food when I'm pregnant.  Pregnancy is kinda like a 9 month lent where you have to give up alcohol, everything that gives you heartburn, your entire uterus, and feeling like a normal human being.  But this year, I have my whole body to myself so I figure I can give up a little sugar. 

Anyway, to kick off lent, here's a picture of my one year old cutie eating cake while his brother watches even though he has his own cake. 

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