March 16, 2017


Bishop is watching me blog so I took a picture of him.  I don't get to use my computer camera that often cause I don't like taking pictures of myself.  Especially from the angle of me typing.  It's the least flattering angle. 

Marshall is sleeping in his crib now.  It's one of those rare moments where I'm awake and not in the same room as him. 

Bishop just informed me that an asteroid is coming any second.  We watched the original Fantasia today.  During the piece with the dinosaurs, Bishop was asking when the asteroid was coming.  For those that don't remember, the extinction theory when they made Fantasia was that the earth got really hot and the dinosaurs all died of heat stroke.  So I tried to explaining to a 3 year old that when they made the movie, they didn't know about the asteroid.  I think he got it.  Or he's more confused.  There were also Centaurs and Unicorns in that movie so I'm sure he wasn't taking it too seriously.  I wonder if he knows the difference between fantasy and reality.  I feel like he does. 

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