March 16, 2017

Leprechaun Trap

Monday morning, my boss came into the office with a container of "Leprechaun bait" and told us that we could have some if we like.  It was at that moment that I realized two things:  1) that is an amazing idea and 2) I was going to make this happen for my nephews this year.  And so the plan was concocted.  I messaged my sister and after hashing out some details, we formulated a pretty air tight plan.

Stage one:  she informs the children that Emilee and I will be coming over to help make Leprechaun bait and a Leprechaun trap.  This stage was her arena because of my limited influence.

Stage two:  we procure the things.

Stage three:  we create the trap and spring it.

Stage four:  the wake up.

My sister was in charge of picking up the Leprechaun bait which for us consists of Lucky Charms, marshmallows, and butter: aka Rice Krispy squares with Lucky Charms substitute.

Meanwhile, I managed to procure a couple of totes and a whole lot of Leprechaun goodies to put into them (including "gold coins" which were the $1 coins because why the heck not?).

The boys had an awesome time with making the traps.  My youngest nephew picked up a crayon and started yelling "Color, color, color, color!" and started scribbling on every paper he could get to as if he'd been waiting his entire life to do so.  It was afterwards that I discovered that this was his first time coloring.  He also proceeded to climb in and out of the box to demonstrate its appeal.  The elder of the two nephews, Emilee, and I proceeded to color shamrocks to conceal the box.  My sister made the bait and set the trap, then demonstrated how it could be sprung.  I am currently waiting to hear whether or not they caught a Leprechaun, but sadly I will have to wait until morning.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Where the hell is this gold coming from?

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