March 10, 2017

Journey - post 1 (a circle story)

(This is the first post of the continuing story I talked about earlier.  Kris and I can both add to the story so who knows where it will end up.  I'm putting a complete version of the story as a separate page in the blog so that when the story gets longer, it will all be in one place.  Here goes nothing!)

Miss Frances sat still on a park bench.  Her demeanor was stiff and serious.  Occasionally a person or two would pass by her on the walking path and give her a brief side eye before walking a little faster away from her.  One person, unconcerned with societal politeness, even asked her what she was looking at to which she responded with a dismissive "nothing" before they walked off with a confused look.  No one asked about the fish.  Until Ann showed up.

Ann was pretty used to Miss Frances by now so she had no problem probing into her seemingly illogical mind.  "Hey Kat, whats with the fish?" she asked before taking a seat next to Miss Frances.

"I needed someone to keep me company" she said, as if explaining the obvious.

"Why?" Ann asked, afraid of the answer.

"Because I've been waiting here for two hours, Ann."

"But you said to meet you at four."  Ann looked down at her phone to make sure she had the time right.  "It's 3:54.  I'm 6 minutes early."

"I have other bench appointments, Ann.  You're not the only person in my life"

"With who?" she asked, feeling skeptical that Miss Frances was capable of normal human interaction.  Of course there were other weird people in the world.  Perhaps she had met one?

"Herbert," said Miss Frances picking up the fish bowl.

"So you had a two hour meeting with a fish that you brought with you to keep you company while you waited for our 4 o'clock meeting?  Fantastic.  Can you just please tell me why I'm here, Kathryn?"

"I'm glad you asked," said Miss Frances as her whole face lit up.  "We're going to fly into the sun." 

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