April 8, 2016

Being a Parent

I learned something today.  I can be bored for a solid hour in the morning, but the second I start making a sandwich,  my boys suddenly need ALL the things and/or attention from me.  It seriously took an entire hour to get my sandwich made.  Here's how it went down.

1. Discover steak left in the fridge.  Decide it will make a delicious sandwich.  Set steak on the counter.

2. Marshall decides he's hungry.  Feed Marshall for 30 minutes.  While feeding Marshall, I hear cat noises and get paranoid that they're trying to steal the steak off the counter so I stand up to check with Marshall still attached to my boob.  The steak is fine.  The cat's just playing with the blinds. 

3. Marshall is asleep so I put him down.

4. Bishop is asking for peeps again so I bargain with him to finish one more piece of sandwich. I stand there and harass Bishop to finish his piece of sandwich because I don't want him to hide it so I think he's done. 

5. Marshall wakes up so I go rock him back to sleep. 

6. Get Bishops peeps because he held up his end of the bargain.

7. Comfort Baby

8. Get Bishop Animal cards because I also said he could have them if he finished lunch.

9. Comfort Baby

10. Cut up steak

11. Comfort Baby

12. Put mayo on my bread

13. Comfort Baby

14. Finish making sandwich

15. Eat sandwich while comforting baby

(bonus step!)

16. Blog while comforting baby. 

Marshall's obviously tired but I'm pretty sure he's trying to poop so he keeps waking up upset.  I never thought I'd be so proud of someone for pooping until I had children.  Mainly it just means Marshall will sleep better because he won't be grunting all night trying to poop. 

Sometimes I think about writing a Facebook post but then I decide to blog about it cause I can write more and our blog is lonely.  Our poor blog got neglected this lent.  Next lent should be better when Marshall is a year old.  I don't know if I'll have more time but I'll at least have a routine going and should be able to figure out what time works best. 

Here's my two guys.  Probably conspiring against me already. 

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