March 18, 2017


I just bought my kids a musical instrument.  I mean it's not supposed to be an instrument but from the sound of things, that's the only thing its being used for.  It's a set of pans for Bishops kitchen.  They're really nice ones too.  It looks like you could actually cook with them but the instructions assured me that you can not.  You can eat off them though.  And put them in the dishwasher.  If we had a dishwasher.  Anyway, I thought Bishop would enjoy pretending to cook his food in them but he's just pretending to be a drummer instead.  He doesn't play by anyone's rules.  Not even his own.

I actually bought the pans for Marshall.  He loves getting into the play kitchen and pulling all the food out.  I thought it would be a nice toy that both of them could play with.  Bishops toy that he picked out was one of the puppies from Paw Patrol.  His name is Marshall.  Things might get a little confusing in this house.  

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