March 4, 2017

Phone Blog!

I'm posting from my phone today because I'm trying to multitask.  Spoiler: it didn't work.   I was nursing Marshall and I got one sentence in before he started squirming around.  Then he refused to nurse or be comforted and John took him for like one minute before he crawled back to me.  Then Marshall swatted my phone out of my hand like it had offended him.  Now he's nursing again but complaining at the same time.  He's pretty good at multitasking.  Sometimes he grabs my phone while he's eating. 

I hate typing blogs on my phone.  It's so awkward and takes forever.  I guess I could use voice text but I don't wanna be sitting here talking to myself.  It takes all the quiet time out of writing.  I mean it would if Marshall wasn't already complaining loudly.  I wonder if voice text would pick up his groaning.  I guess I'll never know. 

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