March 2, 2017


I feel like that one word incorporates my life right now.  I felt for a while like I knew what direction I was moving in.  I'm taking classes, I'm working a job where I'm actually making a livable wage, I still get to work for my church, I am upgrading some of my less upgraded things, and I've started seeing someone.  These are all positive things and they're all things that I'm satisfied with.

Recently, though, I feel like my life has been bogged down with the tangential.  For instance, I just typed in tangential and learned that I've been misspelling this word for years.  That occupied a great deal of my time rather than finishing this blog post.  It's actually quite a perfect example (aside from the fact that I'm still very much working on finishing this blog post).  Tangentially, I'm also typing this post while I upload some religious media onto my computer, and text.  Maybe this is more "multitasking" but I feel like it's tangential for a few reasons.

Firstly, it is preoccupying me and keeping me from being 100% focused on the task that I'm doing.  Secondly, it's not anything particular to the task at hand, but is somewhat of an aside.  Thirdly, it's really messing with my ability to concentrate.  Finally, I wonder how much of my time is actually taken up with getting caught up in side things that I miss the important things.  I also wonder what it would be like to be very focused on something in particular and not easily distracted by tangential things.

Sadly, this is a task I believe I am doomed to fail.  I'm such an abstract thinker sometimes that I feel like my thought doesn't necessarily follow a set path so much as it zig-zags in a way that may have helped Rickon survive.

This title is apt.

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