March 11, 2017

Long Day

It's been one of those days where we actually did things and left the house and now I have very little energy left to think about words.  We got to meet a newborn baby, did some shopping, got some lunch, and then did more shopping.  Now we have 2 cranky babies and we're both tired.  And now Bishop is pooping.  He did so good with potty training today.  He didn't go in his diaper the whole time we were gone.  We're so close to being done with diapers!  I mean.... for one kid anyway.  Maybe Marshall will potty train faster cause he wants to be like his brother.  It didn't really work for walking.  He's actually on the same time line as Bishop for that. 

Alright, I need to cut this post short.  Marshall is having a nervous breakdown in the living room.  

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