March 3, 2017

The Funnest Day of the Week!

Friday? No, not exactly.  It's the day I pay bills.  Which actually doesn't happen every week, more like every other week.  Twice a month to be exact.  And it's not actually fun.  Everything I said was misleading cause that's how I roll.  Actually it is fun sometimes when I finish paying all the bills and add up the numbers and realize we have more money left over than I expected.  That sorta happened today because we have our tax money in our checking right now but we have to save it for our apartment.  I don't know where or when because we have to sell our house first.  We're kind of going backwards but when we buy our next house, we'll have a down payment ready! 

Marshall is starting to walk.  I don't have any steps filmed yet because it hasn't happened that often.  He'll probably be walking around everywhere in about a month.  Which means he'll be getting knocked over by his brother a lot more often.  Also I'm gonna need to find some baby shoes.  He's gonna be a toddler soon.  I'm scared. 

Marshall's scary face

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