March 22, 2017


That's really all I have to say about it.  We finished it.  It was pretty good.  I'm glad we watched the whole thing and I'm looking forward to taking a whole year to watch the second season when it comes out. 

What is the appropriate response when someone introduces themselves and they have the same name as you?  It doesn't happen to me often because my name is less common.  It happened today when a realtor came to show our house.  She said "Hi, I'm Angela" and I said "Oh! Me too!".  I mean I guess its an okay response but I feel like it implies that we're the same person.  Like there can only be one Angela therefore we must be the same.  I guess my other half has been off selling houses while I've been stay-at-home momming.  That doesn't really sound like something I would do.  Maybe she's a fraud.  Maybe she's actually an Angelina or Angelica but she shorted her name so it would look better on a business card.  Sounds like something a realtor would do.  If she was a celebrity, she would probably keep it long cause you want your name to be as flashy as possible when you're in show biz.  Case in point, Angelina Jolie.  There's no way she goes by Angelina in her every day life.  That's 4 syllables of name.  My name is only 3 syllables and sometimes that is too long. 

So yeah... Stranger Things.  That's where I started. 

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