March 7, 2017

Cranky Banana

I finished reading the campfire story I was talking about yesterday and now I'm like 95% sure Kris wasn't involved.  But I am 100% sure I wanted her to be.  It was a long story.  It took me half an hour to read it without interruption.  It got pretty confusing toward the end.  There was a lot of characters and a lot of authors so I think we started to lose track of the events while we were writing it.  I wanna write another one.  I wonder if I could convince anyone to write with me (looking at you Kris).  Maybe we could start one on this blog.  That's not a bad idea.... maybe I should actually talk to Kris directly instead of typing out my thoughts as they come to me.  It's anarchy up in this post!

An unprecedented thing happened today.  Marshall is asleep in his crib!  It's a nap miracle!  He usually sleeps in his crib at night but during the day, he always takes his naps on me.  Every once in a while, I'll attempt to put him down during his nap, but he always wakes up.  Except for today!  Maybe he's extra tired from all the waking up and crying he did last night.  He's teething again and not very happy about it.  He lets me know loudly at midnight.  Then he flops back and hits his dad on the back.  He just doesn't want anyone to sleep when he's miserable.

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