March 9, 2017

Catless Crazy Cat Lady

We just got rid of our cats.  Bishop was super heart broken.  And by 'heart broken' I mean he immediately asked for a dog when he found out they were gone.  I can tell he really cared about those cats.  And now I'm cat-less for the first time in 5 years.  I'm a little sad but mostly relieved.  I just had no real bond with either of them and they were just one more thing to take care of that neither of us wanted to deal with.  Plus they had fleas and I'm sick and tired of picking fleas off of Marshall.  They like him cause he's sweet.  And now I can leave our bedroom open!  I could never trust Etta in there cause she would sometimes pee on our bed.  I feel like she secretly hated me.  It felt oddly personal.

Anyway, so now I'm a person with 3 cats tattooed on my body and none in my house.   And unfortunately for Bishop, no dogs either.  Not sure when we'll be ready for that.  Probably never. 

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