March 18, 2017

Task Avoidance In Action

I have become very good at avoiding writing and I intend to demonstrate the depth of my avoidance.  At any given time, I come up with a bunch of random ideas which I would like to spend some time thinking about and maybe writing.  I think to myself "That would actually be an interesting concept to work with" and I'll spend a ton of time just going on and on in my mind about what would happen and how I would approach it.  I'll spend some time sharing the idea with others, and I'll typically get either positive or skeptical feedback.  This does not prevent me from thinking that it's a good idea worth exploring.

Then I'll come on to blog and I'll talk about wonderful ideas I have and inspiration that's hit me, but I won't actually write the thing I'm thinking about.  So here I am demonstrating the depth of my task avoidance.  I can somehow feel totally okay with just talking about a given task I should be doing, but not actually doing it.  Next step, I suppose, is determining how to actually get to the point where I just do the task, or to figure out the root of the issue in order to overcome.  I'm pretty sure the doing of the task would be more worthwhile, but I'm positive that I'll spend the time trying to figure out the why of it instead.

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