March 14, 2017

My Genius

Yesterday I asked Bishop why the sky is blue.  He said because light bounces off particles in the air.  I mean, yeah, he just watched that on Storybots but I really wasn't expecting such a coherent answer.  And that is why I love Storybots and wish they would make more episodes so I would have more information to feed my little genius.  Bishop would probably be really easy to home school because he enjoys learning.  I would never do that though cause he's also very social.  He's gonna be that one kid in school who's somehow friends with everyone.  I remember before I became a parent imagining myself coaching a super awkward shy little girl through life.  Because that's what I was and I just assumed I would have at least one child that was cripplingly shy.  It looks like that almost definitely won't happen.  It's definitely not Bishop and Marshall seems pretty fine with strangers so far. 

He's so smart he's using chopsticks!  Jk, he's playing with them

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