March 27, 2017

Late Blog

That means its gonna be short.  It's after 10.  That's practically midnight.  It might as well be next week.  I don't think my best thoughts past 10pm.  Apparently I don't think them at 7pm either cause that's when I was trying to blog and literally wrote nothing down until dinner was ready but Google saved my draft of literally nothing anyway.  Some things just aren't worth saving, Google.  Or should I say Blogger.... its part of the Google collection, I think it counts. 

So I'm gonna keep it really short because I only have 31% battery on my computer which really is enough to type away for a while but seeing the low battery makes me super nervous and want to hurry up and finish before my computer dies on me.  It's like when I get into the right lane 10 miles before I have to turn right because if I don't, I'm gonna be stressed out the whole time.  I like to be 50 steps ahead. 

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