March 7, 2017

Back to Prayer

Less than a week into Lent and I'm already failing.  I actually completely forgot to post last night until I had already finished my other half of my Lent thing this year, which is back to prayer.  I'm doing the prayer thing again this year, but I'm trying it a little differently.  I've been trying to listen to other people and pray for the needs that I overhear.  This hasn't been going terribly well, admittedly.  It seems like the most I hear from people is in the workplace, so I guess I need to get out more.  I've amended it slightly so that I can account for this and have been praying more for the needs of others that I know about in general.  My hope was that it would deepen my faith along with opening my eyes up to the needs of others more.  It's been an interesting thing to enter into this Lent, though, as I've noticed that I've been turning my attention more to the will of God and what it means to be a Christian.

I will probably be talking more about this.

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