March 13, 2017

No Middle Ground

Do you ever start something you're too lazy to finish?  Cause I'm not adding to the story today.  It's almost 9pm which in this household might as well be midnight.  But I will finish it.  Maybe.  Or maybe I'll be so awesome that Kris and I will just add to it for the rest of our lives.  That would be one epic story.  We'd have to stop eventually so we could publish it.  Or we could just add to it until we both die and our kids will publish it.  If publishing even exists. 

Do you ever think way too far ahead about something you literally just started?  I just managed to be pessimistic and grossly optimistic about the same thing in one post.  Welcome to my brain.  It considers all of the possibilities as long as their not moderate or reasonable. 

Speaking of projects, I'm totally going to start crafting soon.  Or never. 

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