March 17, 2017

My Second Toddler

So Marshall has started his transition into toddler-hood.  There are 2 very clear indicators.  First, he is walking around with his very cute unsteady wobble.  Second, he just started making this noise that I can only describe as "for the love of God somebody help me I'm being murdered over here!"  He's getting very good at it and he reserves this yell/cry for very important grievances like me picking him up when he's trying to play with something.  It's usually accompanied by a full body arch to indicate that I need to put him down.  I feel like a little switch went off in him all the sudden and he was like "oh, I can throw a tantrum.  I should try that."  I feel like Bishops tantrum throwing skills came on way more gradually and didn't fully develop until he was 3.  Bishop was much worse at 3 then he ever was at 2.  I'm hoping this means that Marshall will a terrible 2 and an angelic 3.  That way we can be done with tantrums sooner.  That would be awesome. 

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