March 6, 2017

Major Flashback

I decided not to blog on Sunday.  I've gone back and forth about blogging every single day during lent and skipping Sundays because it's not counted in the 40 days of lent.  I decided to give myself that day off from blogging this year because its generally a busy day for us.  We're generally at church for both services because John is SO involved in church now that we need to stay for 2 hours.  5 years ago, he wouldn't even go with me and now he's more involved than I am.  I think I have successfully infiltrated his mind.... I mean love him unconditionally.  The point was to say we're kinda busy that day.  Sometimes we need to grocery shop and we often have dinner at my in-laws.  Okay, I'm done justifying my laziness.  There's actually a real thing I was planning on talking about. 

Memories!  So last night, I checked my email because I gave up twitter for lent so I end up obsessively checking my email instead even though I hardly ever receive anything.  I had an email from saying it was my account anniversary.  Usually I just delete stuff like that right away and never think about it again, but for some reason I had the urge to visit my old account and see what was on there.  I started this account 9 years ago.  I probably only used it about a year when I was in college and had a little down time.  One of the things on my portfolio is something called a 'campfire story'.  It's where the author writes a bit of story and then adds other users to the story to add bits of story.  This story, if I remember correctly, was written by me, Crystal, Amelia, and I think Kris.  There was also a few random people from the website that joined in.  I actually haven't even finished reading this story because its sooooooo long.  I did skip to the end though.  Everyone dies.  Except the fish. 

In my portfolio, there was also a few angsty poems about some guy I had a crush on.  Those were even weirder to read cause I felt like I had gone back in time.  I remembered what it felt like to be single and searching and wondering if I would ever find the right person.  It's such a weird feeling.  

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