March 9, 2017

Books on Tape

For years and years and years I have denied the temptation to "read" books on tape.  I have never seen them as anything of value.  You read by sight.  You sit down with a book.  You have the feel of it, the textures, the weight of it, the smell of it, you can almost taste the characters.  Not to mention you see them a certain way and you hear them a certain way; these things are lost when another person is reading.

I recently borrowed a book on tape at the library.  This has changed my life.  I have almost finished reading this book at work!  And I actually really like the voice actor.  I think he does a great job and isn't too over the top at all.  Not only that, but listening to the inflection of someone else regarding the characters is fascinating.  I have actually never considered how someone else might be viewing the same text that I am.  It actually gave me a better appreciation of movie adaptations, and perhaps I'll be a bit more forgiving regarding interpretations I don't agree with in the future.  For now, I'm quite enjoying being able to sink into the books on tapes while I'm at work and to contemplate new interpretations of the same materials.

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