June 6, 2012

Adventure Log: Misadventure

I didn't really forget to update my adventure log, it just slipped my mind...
It also slipped my mind to bring a camera, so once again there are no pictures.

Last week, I had an adventure in misadventure.  Some of my friends invited me to go for a hike in the woods behind another friend's house.  For some reason, it didn't occur to me that walking through her woods meant there is no path to walk on.  We drove out into the woods behind her field in the back of the pick-up truck.  It reminded me a lot of being at my grandparents' farm house.  All the cousins used to pile in the back of the old blue ford pick-up and our grandfather would drive us through the fields and down the grass trail which used to be the rest of the road.  This one was a bit more intensive because there were low hanging trees to duck as well.

When we finally arrived at our destination, it occurred to me that there was no trail.  I had been foolish enough to wear shorts and there was a ton of tall grass.  Finally, one of our friends pointed out multiple places full of poison ivy and I decided this was not for me.  I don't just get itchy from poison ivy, I get it for months and with my trip to California and Canada around the corner, I did not want to be suffering from poison ivy on my skin while I vacation.  Rather than leaving me to my own devices, we decided to explore her field instead.  The field was full of corn.  (Angela, I told you we walk through cornfields for entertainment where I come from.)

Once the cornfield had ceased to be entertaining, we went back to the house for jubilee beneath the willow trees.  We made crowns from the willow branches and some of us had tournaments with rapiers (yes, real rapiers), sticks, and willow wips.  There was no clear victor from the fight, but no one got stabbed without the protective gear so everyone was a winner.  Let me tell you something, if you've never seen a rapier before, it is easy to see how these things can kill people.

After our jubilee, we supped then went to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  This movie wasn't just bad.  It was terrible.  Game of Thrones meets Princess Bride meets Snow White if Snow White loved the Huntsman instead of the prince.  Also it was kind of disturbing how easily some of the dialogue fit better into an adult film.  If you happen to see this movie, I suggest going in with that mind-set.  It makes things much more entertaining.

So that was my weekly adventure in misadventure.  Next week's adventure log will totally feature more Angela :D  Oh, and there WILL be pictures.

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