April 7, 2012

Day 40: The End

Lent is almost over.  This is my last lent post until (possibly) next year!  All of my new posts will be non-lent but equally random and/or 50% cat-filled.  I'm glad I had Kris this year to pick up my slack and divert attention away from me forgetting to post.  And she even gave up soda!  I didn't give up anything!  Although, you could argue that I also gave up soda but that's only because I hate it.  I think soda was invented by Satan.  It attacks your mouth with bubbles made out of carbon... or something.  I'm not really sure how soda is made.  The devil does not like to divulge his secrets.  But for some reason people enjoy this bubbly torture. 

Soda drinkers are a bunch of masochists.  I'm the only person I know who doesn't like soda, so chances are I'm talking to you.... you masochist. 

Happy last day of Lent!  And if I neglect to post tomorrow (I will) HAPPY EASTER!!!

I totally thought the bunny was throwing the flower then I realized there was a steam.  But its cool, just imagine he's throwing flowers at you.  Lots and lots of flowers! 

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