April 5, 2012


What is up with instructors and binders?  Every one of my instructors this semester want me to do a particular binder for their class.  Every one of them have different expectations for these binders too.  What this means is that I had to go buy a bunch of binders which I will never use.  They tell us they want us to have them to use as instructors, but let's be honest here:  a teacher is going to do things their way, not someone else's.

This is actually becoming a source of irritation for me.  Granted, I'm coming up with some ideas that I probably wouldn't have thought to implement in my class right away, but ultimately I don't appreciate being treated like a child when I'm in a Master level program.  So far it seems like all of the classes that teach you to teach classes are going to be this way.  It's rediculous repetative redundancy that I could do without.

And when I'm an instructor, I have every belief my students will probably feel the same way.  It's a vicious cycle...but at least they can be secure in knowing I won't be assigning them binders.

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