April 21, 2012

A Jedi Craves Not These Things

I really, really, really wanted to have an adventure this week.  I had adventures in misadventures instead and now I don't have time to go out seeking adventure.  Which is sad, because I told Angela she had to have an adventure this week too.  Only I don't know whether she did or not.  She probably didn't because she was busy too.

Then I started to think about what qualified as an adventure.  I tried very hard to fit up some new experience I'd had this week as an adventure.  But I think in order to have an adventure, you have to experience personal growth on the journey.  I don't think I experienced personal growth this week.  I think I experienced frustration and irritation, but not necessarily personal growth.

Then, I tried to fabricate an adventure.  But the people I was fabricating an adventure with didn't experience personal growth either.  That was my bad.  There should have been a personal growth moment there...somewhere.  But I failed to provide opportunity for personal growth.  So there was no adventure there either.

THEN I tried to write about previous adventures and include Angela.  But Angela has pretty much covered those bases.

Oh!  Oh wait!  Now I know!  I will discuss the time we had a Chicago adventure together:

Angela was looking at going to a college in the state of confusion where I live, so we were going to Chicago to look at a school for ourselves. Only we were too poor to take a taxi and neither of us knew the bus routes, and there was one train that would take us mostly to where we needed to go, but we had to find the train station first.  Being the pro from Chicago that I am, I set us off in the wrong direction.  We boldly walked further and further away from our destination.

About the point I realized something was amiss was when we entered an area that was starting to look kind of shady.  I had Angela duck with me inside of a place so we could reorient ourselves off of the street.  The place we ducked into was pretty much a dive and at that point I realized if we just head back the other way, quickly and boldly, maybe no one would notice we were lost and come hastle us.  So we did just that!

Eventually we managed to find the train that took us into the area we wanted and we made it to the school.  We sat in on some classes, ate their food, got shown a really, really old book that belonged to Martin Luther, and then Angela was put on the spot with a councilor to tell them whether or not she was going to go there.  She didn't end up going there, but we did make it home with less confusion!

We were two women, alone in a big city and we persevered!  Woo adventure!

Wait...no...there was no personal growth there either.  DANGIT!

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  1. Getting lost always leads to personal growth. I'm not sure how, but I always remember getting lost therefore, it must have some personal significance. Also, we got to see super old books.