May 19, 2012

Losing my Sanity

Angela picked the perfect topic this week:  Stress.

Boy am I under a lot of it.  A master's program is a lot of work and I am completely mentally drained on a daily basis.  This morning I woke up today with some great, creative ideas.  I haven't had that in a very long time.  I wanted to work on writing with them today, but I knew that I had a ton of reading to do and a couple of assignments to get done before I could.  As of right now, I have one more reading assignment left and haven't begun on the other assignments yet.  I no longer remember my ideas or care about writing creatively.

Stress sucks.  When there is no release to it, it feels like the world is a bleak and horrible place.  You feel sick and depressed.  But the worst thing about stress is when you know there's an end to it.  In a few weeks, I will be going to visit Angela in the strange state of California.  I am so excited that I simply don't care about school anymore.  There's an end in sight and it's a few weeks away, so the amount of work I am willing to put into any given assignment is minimal.  The irony is that this in turn creates more stress on me because if I don't do well, my grade will suffer, and I am desperately trying to maintain a high level GPA.

Clearly, my current method for handling school work loads is not working.  I am doing work at an unmanagable rate.  I am always doing school work...daily.  Whether I am also working at a school or not.  I never have a day that I can have a break because I tend to over tax myself and am never able to get on top of things.  Because of this, I think schools ought to include stress management as part of health classes.  I don't see a reason not to.  Especially since teachers have a tendency to overwork students with busy work bullcrap that has no real bearing on learning concepts.  It's micromanaging students, it puts more work on the instructor, and the quality of actual learning diminishes.  At least teach students how to deal with the stress they are being put under, that would be nice!

This rant has been brought to you by mathematics homework.  Thank you blog for stress relief!

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