June 25, 2012

Ghost TV

So while we were at the Winchester Mystery House, we heard stories about ghosts and creepy paranormal activity.  One of the tour guides said she had seen such a ghost herself.  I myself have never seen a ghost but I like to believe that the various credible sources from which I have heard ghost stories (which include close friends) are not out of their minds and that ghosts do in fact exist. 

Now while we were there, we heard that the ghost hunting show had been to the house in recent years.  We also heard that they were complete assholes to everyone and didn't even stay the whole night because it was "too scary" (the employees stay until 4am on a regular basis as part of their job).  Now I've seen the show Ghost Hunters before and I thought that was kind of odd because they didn't really seem like the type that would be assholes or even scare easily.  So today I decided to track down the episode after Kris informed me they were available on youtube.  It turns out there was two ghost hunting shows that investigated the Winchester Mystery House (Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures) and it didn't take long to figure out which show the employees were talking about.

Behold the level of douchebaggery...


The guy from Ghost Adventures is unbearable.  At one point he actually attempted to open two of the bathrooms in the house because he has to pee and then complains to the tour guide about those bathrooms being a cocktease.  Who the fuck tries to use the bathroom in a historical landmark?  If I was in charge, I would have told him to get the fuck out. 

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