July 15, 2012

A Word on Literature...and Masochism

I have been reading terrible books lately.  Really awful books.  The worst part is that these are books that are popular right now.  This genuinely concerned me at first, because I usually have better taste as far as literature goes, but then I sensed an opportunity.  I already have an adventure log going, but since summer courses have started, the end of my adventuring began (I've just been too busy to do much other than homework).  Instead, I think I'm going to put the travel log on hiatus and try instead to write up reviews of the so called "popular" books that I've been reading lately.

Unfortunately, this means I'm also intent on finishing the Hunger Games series for no other reason than to torture myself in an attempt at giving the author a fair shot to see if anything improves.  Since I don't really have a lot of time, what with school and all, I will limit my reviews to what I have already started to read for now.  Maybe later, I'll begin taking requests.  If nothing else, hopefully this will inspire some creative rants.  I'll try to be more entertaining than my last evaluation of the Hunger Games.

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