April 28, 2012

You want to sell me what?

So this weeks weekly topic is advertisements.  It was my turn to pick the topic so I chose this one because I came across an ad that was too good not to blog about.  At first I was disappointed because its about relationships and that topic was just done two weeks ago but then I realized that it could fall into a second category!  So I twisted the topic to fit what I already wanted to talk about.

So, I was doing some research for homework one day when I came across this on sparknotes...

At first I ignored it because who the hell clicks on ads?  They're just trying to sell stuff and nobody has money these days.  However, it popped up again and my brain suddenly process the information enough for me to say "wait.... what?  They're selling ex girlfriends?"  Of course that sounds ridiculous, but that's essentially whats going on here.  Even if she used to be your own girlfriend, this ad wants you to pay money to get back with her... they are selling you your own ex girlfriend.  Also this is pretty sexist.  Apparently there's no market for girls who want their ex boyfriend.  Either that or they figure guys are the only ones who are qualified to determine if love is real and worth getting back.  I don't believe either of those, so I'm going with sexism.

So I click on the link and behold this

And underneath was 9 boxes of information about what program you need to follow.  I have pictures but its tedious and unnecessary. 

I think the moral of this post is be wary of people trying to sell you other people.  That sounds suspiciously close to slave trade. 

I like how in the first picture it says "It's much easier to get her back... than it is to move on!"  I disagree.  Obviously something happened to kill the relationship so in order for it to work again, you'll either have to work on the relationship or (if you're just a shitty person) work on yourself.  There is no easy way out.  Relationships aren't easy so if you're choosing something because its easy, you're expressing your desire for laziness... which will ruin a relationship.

There's so much more I could say about this website.  Especially if I read all the dribble on the front page.  But for now, this will have to do. 

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