April 21, 2012

WT: Adventure

This week Kris decided that we should blog about adventure.  This is how this particular post is gonna go down: I'm gonna start out describing some half ass adventure I had this week and then try and loosely connect it to some reading I did today and some crazy idea I came up with.  So, by the time this post is concluded, I will have completely diverged from the topic of adventure.

First point of business: Kris told me to have an adventure this week.  I didn't really plan on actually doing it because I have lots of homework to do so I figured I'd just dredge up some old story about times past and try to draw some new insight into what happened.  However, without even realizing it, I actually did go on an adventure and forgot that I was fulfilling the assignment until Kris mentioned that she neglected to go on hers (suck it).

Adventure of course can be loosely defined so I consider anytime I exit the apartment for any length of time without the car to be an adventure.  Of course adventure can also include an automobile but you have to do something extra special with them to be considered an adventure like go on a road trip or drive around with no destination. 

This particular adventure was simply a walk in the neighborhood which I initiated because John and I neglected going to the gym that morning.  We ended up walking close to 3 miles though so our walk more than made up for lost exercise.  We delivered a letter to the post office and then settled down at wienerschnitzel for some ice cream.  At least that was the plan.  Actually, I ate ice cream and John had hot dogs.  Super exciting, I know; it gets better.  After our stop at hot dog heaven (insert some sarcastic intonation) we headed over to dimple records to look for movies about communism because SOMEHOW John convinced his professor to let him write a 10 page paper about movies.  Then we went home and showered because its pretty hot outside.  There was a nice breeze though so we were pretty comfortable the majority of the time.

Anyway, to loosely connect this to academia, reading books is kind of like an adventure in that it takes you places and causes you to think about things you would not otherwise go/think about.  I am well aware that that last sentence was a disaster.  I'm actually impressed with the speed at which this post is coming along.  Usually I demand complete perfection before I continue on to my next thought but for some reason, I feel like just letting it slide.

Anywhozers (again), I'm reading The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey and let me tell you, this guy thinks he's God's gift to Christianity (seriously).  He tells us a bunch of stuff that some guys came up with in the 19th century and he pretends like its been in the Bible the whole time.  Also he basically calls Jews idiots... and pretty much anyone else who has the audacity to suggest the Bible is not literal.  In fact everyone is an idiot who does not understand the Bible and biblical prophesy EXACTLY the way he does.  And we wonder why.... never mind that's really not the point. 

For SOME REASON while I was reading this psycho babble about how Philosophy of Religion is secretly witchcraft, I thought of this weird idea (that I swear I've had before... or maybe I heard it somewhere else and am just taking credit for it).  What if every person in the whole world is actually the same person?  I don't mean like the whole Buddhist "we are one" theory (although that could tie in nicely) I mean like what if one person was reincarnated after they die into someone else and this process just kept happening until that person lived the life of every single person in human history?  Think about what that would mean.  Essentially we would be fighting and disagreeing with ourselves. 

Someone's probably gonna read this and be like "there's already a whole religious system built around that concept" and then sue me for copyright infringement.  Either that or I just started a new religion.  Not that I believe it.  But then, who really believes in the religions they start?  I have a hard time believing that L Ron Hubbard really believes in Scientology.  By 'hard time' I really mean 'not at all'. 

Did you see?  I'm not even talking about adventure anymore.  I have come to the end of my own prophetic statement at the beginning of the post.  It's easy to prophesy your own actions.  I have about 90% accuracy rate.  I think this post is a record for me.  I hope no one got bored. 


  1. Crap...Angela, why did you mention Scientology. Do you know what they're going to do when they find this blog? XD

  2. I'm sure they have better things to do than sift through my ramblings.