May 25, 2012

The Devil

So I guess there's no official topic for this week because Kris didn't pick one but she told me to blog about Diablo 3.  She can't blog about it because she doesn't have it cause her computer isn't awesome.  Mine isn't either but luckily John's computer is so I just steal it from him and play on his account. 

However, I'm not going to subject you to actual game-play talk because I'm not a gamer so the only thing I would really say is "I get to shot things and then pick up gold" and that would be the end of my blog.  Instead I'm going to talk about non-game play, as in when I'm trying to play the game and then suddenly I find myself not playing the game. 

How is this possible?  John's computer kept over heating.  There I was playing the game for only the second time ever and I was in the middle of some field killing things or picking up loot or something and suddenly THERE WAS NO GAME!  Its like Johns computer suddenly decided it didn't want me to play anymore.  It was like "you don't know how to touch me like John does, why don't you go back to typing on your inferior little laptop" and then it tossed its hair at me like a snotty little girl (cause his computer is totally a jealous female).  Then I was like "AT LEAST MY SHITTY LITTLE LAPTOP DOESN'T SHUT DOWN ON ME WHILE I'M WRITING MY BLOG!!!"  and then I bitch slapped the computer and we haven't talked since. 

Just kidding.  I totally fired the computer right back up and tried to play the game again but she was STILL having none of that so it shut down on me again.  She's such a bitch.  She must have been on her period.  Not to worry though, John now has a giant fan pointing directly into the interior of the computer so it doesn't overheat again.  So, I've had many chances to play the game and right now I'm even 2 whole levels above John!  That's wont last long though.  As I'm writing this, he's wandering through a dungeon killing things. 

And that is the joy of playing Diablo 3.  John and I fight over the one computer that runs the game and I get a taste of what it feels like to be on the other side of video game playing when I'm the one who wants to play and John is whining at me in the background to get off the computer... the only difference being he wants me off so he can play, not so he can spend time with me. 

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