April 17, 2012

A Quick Aside

This is for my own mental stability and is not part of our weekly topics.

Grading notes.  I have never in my life encountered this particular line of bullshit before, even though I have run into others who have experienced it.  Let's be real teachers:  students take notes or don't take notes for their own benefit.  If something isn't going to benefit them, they don't need to note it.  If a class has no further use for a student when it's done, then the chore of writing additional notes and printing them out so that you can be sure that students are taking notes and printing them out only succeeds in wasting paper and irritating students.  Not all students need to take notes because some have the capacity to remember things on their own.

Just because a student is taking notes:
A) doesn't mean they are actually paying attention to what they are taking notes on.
B) doesn't mean they will ever actually use these notes

I was regoriously taking notes for this class I'm in because it's part of a grade, but the book is irritating because it has no relevance for me and the subject matter is boring and repetative.  I swear, I have only read two chapters so far and from the beginning to the middle of the book, the author has said nothing new.  From the notes I took on chapter 1, I have added nothing new.  And yet, if I don't take these notes, my grades suffer.  Not to mention I have no desire to teach this subject or this grade level.  My conclusion:  These notes are taking HOURS to write, I remember nothing from the text when I'm done, I'm bored and irritated because this isn't my subject or grade level, and I am basically wasting my time so that the instructor can pretend like she's teaching me something.  What a waste of money, time, and mental energy.

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