April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I don't know how normal this is for anyone else, but I remember when I was young getting two Easters.  That is, we would color and hunt easter eggs and Easter baskets at home, but then we got to do it again a few hours later.  There was a time when we spent every holiday with my grandparents at their farm house and my grandparents were some of the most generous people I've ever known.  Even though they hardly had any trick-or-treaters, they would always buy bags of candy to hand out.  They made full Easter baskets complete with candy bunnies for all of their grandchildren.  They also used to do a lot with the church and I could almost always remember my grandmother making some kind of food goods "just because" for various things going on at the church we attended.

Hunting Easter eggs at the farm was always interesting.  There were lots of places to hide eggs, but somehow I was hardly ever able to find them.  Then again, with all of the grandkids, there could be 3-7 pairs of eyes at any given time looking for them out around the yard; depending on whether or not the older kids were into it and some of our cousins were around.

It also meant lots of food and usually a highly decorated sugar egg or cake.  I remember the sugar eggs; hollow on the inside, usually full of grass, jelly beans, and little chocolates, decorated with frosting, and colored to look very pretty.  I only remember one cake though.  It was made to look like a lamb and it was the most intricate, realistic cake I've seen even to this day.  I don't remember eating any of those things, but I remember my grandparents always spent time or money to make or buy them anyway just for decoration.  This is Easter for me.  Getting up early to hunt eggs and baskets, going to church, then changing at my grandparents' house to hunt Easter eggs and baskets and eventually run around like maniacs on their farm.  Good times.

Happy Easter!

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