June 4, 2012


So this weeks topic (and by this week I mean last week) is celebrities.  I wanted to get into the full experience of a celebrity by writing my weekly topic late.  Whenever celebrities go places, they're always the last to arrive because it gives people a chance to gather and get super excited about their appearance.  Except in this case I'm pretty sure the only person anxiously awaiting my post is my co-blogger, Kris, and she's probably more annoyed than excited about my tardiness.  But that's okay because that's the other thing celebrities do best: annoy people! 

What really interests me about celebrities is the pedestal society puts them on.  Take for example fan-girls.  I think I can speak fairly on their behalf because I used to be one.  Don't ask which ones, I will never tell.  The only one I'm not really embarrassed about is Chris Pine because I think he has actual talent and also his voice is super sexy. 

Whats interesting is when girls think these celebrities are super marriage material.  We think just because they're hot, they would make perfect husbands... or wives.  Any idiot who has even accidentally overheard any kind of celebrity gossip can tell you that this is not the case.  Celebrities have the worst track record when it comes to relationships.  I'm guessing its because they spend most of their time pretending to be someone else so its hard to figure out who they actually married. 

Whats really annoying is this idea that a person would drop whoever they were with if they even had a chance at dating a celebrity.  Like that episode of Seinfeld where George tries to date Marisa Tomei at the expense of his fiance.  It's like people think celebrities are made out of different material than regular people.  I mean maybe there's some regular person whose soul mate is super famous but I think people who fantasize about marrying celebrities are just gold diggers. 

My name is a celebrity!


  1. Oh Angela...I love how your foot strategically covers the other half of that name.

  2. :D I don't even remember whose star it was either