April 5, 2012

Day 38: Six Flags!

Crazy random thing happened today: John won ticket to Six Flags.  We were pulling into the parking lot at Sac State to go to the gym and we were listening to the Eagle.  The announcer said to text a keyword to the number so I did it and John did it because we have unlimited texting so what have we got to loose?  Afterward I even said "What were those tickets for? Some kind of amusement park?" and John said "They were for Disneyland." and I was like "Oh, cool."  But then our confirmation text informed us they were for Six Flags which is actually better because its closer so we can make it there and back in a day without staying overnight.  So we get out of the car and go to the gym and just as I'm starting on my treadmill, I get a text saying that I didn't win and a second later I get a tap on the shoulder and hear "Baby!  I won!" 

It was pretty sweet and I think it's God's way of making sure we go on a honeymoon.  He's like "They're free!  Now you HAVE to go!"  Maybe we can work in a trip to San Francisco to make it more honeymoonish. 

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