July 16, 2012

My Generation

To be honest, all this generation talk is kind of annoying.  I hate it when people point to something that current 12-year-olds like and say "our world is doomed".  They're fucking 12.  Their little brains aren't fully developed yet.  They'll get over it.  I don't even want to remember all the fucked up shit I thought was awesome at 12 years old.  I thought my life would be complete if I married a guy twice my age in a shitty boy band.  You can't expect a half developed mind to know good music... or talent.  Teenage girls just want a cute boy to ogle.  That's probably the reason people don't seem to notice how horrible Kristen Stewart's acting is.  My bet is that the majority of 13 year old girls don't even notice she's in the movie.  They're too busy wetting their pants over douche-bag Pattinson. 

The thing that's really weird about the whole Twilight thing is the 30-something year old housewives who are in love with Edward.  I really feel like they should be old enough to know better.  Its also disconcerting to think about what these stories are teaching teenage girls about love.  If you fall in love in high school, its forever.  If he stalks you, it means he loves you.  If he leaves you, you'll NEVER get over it.  Basically, the main character has no personality without Edward.  Shit, she has no personality WITH Edward, she's just not crying over him.  So, the moral is you're nothing without a man, you might as well die.  And don't say "its different, he's a vampire" cause that's bullshit.  MAYBE its a little different for him but Bella's human and she is setting a shitty example for other human girls.

So while Kris was complaining about today's literature, we decided we're gonna write our book.  It's gonna blow all the other books out of the water with its awesomeness. 

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  1. Oh Angela...I need to discuss Twilight with you again very soon.

    That and book concepts. Where are you?