August 22, 2012

Topic Fail

Kris and I are failing at picking topics.  For some reason (maybe because I barely open my computer) I keep missing her.  We have not been communicating very well lately. 

Speaking of communication, I have realized recently that my subconscious is sabotaging my sleep.  These are the events as they happened exactly in order:

Me: *talking in my sleep* its so hot.  Baby, take my blanket.

John: *takes away my blanket*

Me: *wakes up shivering, looks around for my blanket* where's my blanket?

At this point John has no idea that I was asleep just moments ago so he hands me a sheet thinking I want a different blanket than the one I just had.  I get frustrated and say "no, my blanket" and he literally hands me every blanket except the one I want.  I can't understand why he's not giving me the one I just had because I just had it when I went to sleep and it couldn't possibly have gotten that far away from me.  Eventually I get the correct blanket back and fall asleep while John is left to process what the hell just happened.  We figured it out in the morning when he explained to me that I had asked him to take it away from me.  I guess I'm a very convincing sleep talker. 

I used to think it was cool that I talked in my sleep.  Now I'm not so sure. 

1 comment:

  1. I totally remember you talking in your sleep at college. It used to amuse me :D