April 29, 2012

Some Kind of Irony?

So as I was reading Angela's post, I noticed a link in her blog.  At first I thought she posted a link to the website she was talking about, so I didn't click on it.  Then I scrolled down a little too far and missed the end of her post, only to discover that there is also a link in my post.  Now, I did not blog a link in my blog.  I am assuming Angela did not go in to change my blog.  I am also assuming Angela did not intentionally blog a link in her blog because the link does not go to the website she's discussing.  No, no.

The links go to advertisments.

Am I the only one seeing this?

Maybe it's because we picked the advertisement topic this week, but I've been noticing ads a lot more lately.  For instance, today while I was on facebook, I suddenly realized I'd been seeing ads posted on my facebook page.  I did not link these adds to my facebook.  I don't want them there.  I don't want people thinking I endorse these products.  In fact, facebook is telling people that I endorse these products.  Why else would it be linked to my facebook page?  People link the things they like to facebook.  That is a whole new level of invasiveness and guile.  I don't anyone reading my facebook page to click to these products.  I do not endorse them.

Now blogspot is linking links in my blogs?  Again, I don't want anyone reading them or clicking on them and thinking that I endorse these products.  And then what happens when I actually do link something?  Will people assume it is an ad and not click the link?  This is a problem.  This is a problem that may result in buying our own section of the internet to avoid future incidences.

Edit:  Now that I've gone back, I see that they are orange links that keep changing places in our posts, so I'm not sure what they will be when anyone else clicks on them.  I have yet to determine whether this is an I.E. phenomenon or whether this happens on Firefox as well.

Edit II:  FAIL!  So spyware had been downloaded onto my computer which was giving me extra ads.  They are gone from the blog...but facebook is still a quandry.  I can only include that, yes...this is some kind of irony.

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