June 24, 2012

Canadian Elephant

Deep in the wilds of British Columbia, there once was a circus.  This circus had elephants, but the elephants were restless and tired of performing.  One day, the elephants decided they could no longer abide the life of the circus folk and fled into the wilds of Canada.  Of course the Canadians and the circus people didn't agree with the elephants and they made it a mission to track down and bring back every last elephant.  Although they managed to capture the other elephants without problems, one cunning elephant remained elusive.  With his survival prowess, he remained hidden in the wilds of British Columbia.

I have seen this elephant!

Okay...so I saw the statue they errected to commemorate the capture of this elephant.  But the entire premise is rediculous.  They apparently bathed the elephant in champaign and rechristened it upon its return to the circus.  I wonder if they'll have an elephant hunt to commemorate the 100 year anniversary which isn't too far off.  I am in complete support of this!

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