April 14, 2012

Weekly Topic: Relationships

Since Kris did an info graphic, I thought I would be a sheep and follow suit. 

The point is that no matter what kind of relationship you have, somebody will be judging you.  If you manage to get past the single stage (the one where people feel sorry for you for not being competent enough to find someone) then you go into the annoying new couple phase where people are disgusted by your cutesyness.  Then you may pass into the boring couple phase where people are inspired to wonder why you're even together.  However, if you manage to find the perfect balance and be a perfectly happy non-disgusting-cutesy couple, then people are just going to hate you for being happy cause they're super jealous.  I think my point is supposed to be you can't win, but you totally can because who really cares what other people think?  There are people who hunt big foot as if he's Jesus Christ.  Their opinions do not factor into my sense of self-worth.

Moral: Being single is awesome.  Being in a relationship is awesome.  Both of these things are true. 

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  1. What if you have suspicions that your love may be one of the undead?