March 22, 2013

Time Travel

I went on my first field trip today as a teacher.  We took all the rascals to Medieval Times today.  I don't remember this place being so big.  Since all these school districts are broke, it was literally three schools:  an elementary school, another middle school, and us.  Since our middle school had about two hundred kids, we got four of the six knights of our very own.  Even with the odds on our side, not a single one of our knights managed to win.  Our knight, of course, was the best knight though.  He was the cutest and he pandered to the to the crowd the most.  He even killed all the knights he fought, until the last one came back up and stabbed him.  Cheater cheater!

Incidentally, I did eat the chicken.  I am a horrible horrible person.

1 comment:

  1. Was the cheater Russia? John lost his voice at that screaming at Russia for being a dirty cheater.