March 31, 2013


I just want to conclude the Lenten portion of our blog with this:

In my entire life, despite my interest in theology, my devotion to Christ, and my general attempts at "being a good person", I have never really understood the concept of "being in love" as an analogy of one's faith until today.  I am completely in love with the Catholic faith and traditions.  It totally makes sense to me now.  I'm also really looking forward to seeing how my faith grows and matures.  I don't know whether I should keep this to a private journal, or whether I may continue to document these transitions through public blogging, however.  We'll just see how things go.

Sometime towards the beginning of this blog (maybe more  around the middle, I don't remember), I mentioned that I was concerned that doing a blog for Lent wasn't "good enough" as giving something up for Lent was.  Upon reflection, I'm extremely glad that I had the opportunity to document the last stages of my journey from Protestantism to Catholicism.  I also think that doing these blogs with more relation to my faith has given me the opportunity to reflect more truthfully about where I am and where I stand with God.  When Angela and I started this blog, it really wasn't our intentions to be overtly political or religious.  We just wanted an outlet to write and a way to keep our relationship together after college.  I think this year, our blog became something more for me.

I hope sincerely that this little project will continue-if not over the course of the year, at least next year for Lent.  If this happens to be Angela's last year, however, it has been an honor and a privilege for me to work with someone as amazing as her.

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  1. Love! I think for me it would be good to also give something up for lent like candy, I just didn't think that would be wise this year with my possible cravings. I didn't want to make pregnancy an harder especially my first one. I mean, I already have to give up alcohol for 9 months. That's like lent times 5.... Or something. I'll try to blog next year. We'll see how life goes.